If we want to deal with the meaning of startups in Iran, we can introduce them as  newly established companies with high growth rate, and we can say that it is an economic activity aimed at meeting customer needs. Small Businesses in the United States definition of startup is  A business that is generally technology-driven and has the potential to grow and develop is called a startup.
Startups are generally known as big businesses, but in the definitions given to startups, there are no terms and conditions that startups must be in the field of technology and information.



The reason why the general public considers startups to be Internet-base business is that the Internet provides a good platform for startups to grow or develop user experience feedback and improve a product or idea, so business for better product development  use the platform provided by the Internet.
 There are several main differences between startups and businesses, but the most important ones are the creativity and innovation of startups, the rapid growth and development of startups, the use of a suitable and growing Internet platform and cyberspace to improve the level of services that They point out.

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