Mobile applications today are one of the new tools to introduce and describe a company's services. The sheer number of apps on the market indicates that we are increasingly using them to interact with various problems, manage daily affairs, and have fun.

Currently, the Apple App Store, with more than one and a half million apps, has a lot of fans. However, iOS has many users, so all online businesses and startups need the iOS app in addition to the Android app. But designing an iOS application has its own difficulties and involves more costs to design . For this reason, for designing an iOS application, selecting an experienced and professional team will help you to be completely satisfied with the design of your desired application.




It can be said that SEO means that the structure of the website is easily understood by the search engine and users are comfortable in using it. In expressing another benefit and importance of the SEO process, it can be noted that many Users, Before making a purchase, first search the Internet and open the top pages of their result, and many of these actions lead to a purchase, so SEO will make your website more reachable in  search results and therefore it is  more likely that customers  buy your services. 
Experience has shown that attracting a lot of visitors from search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. guarantees the success of the organization and is much more efficient and reliable than online advertising and also has a much lower cost